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Community of people who contribute content to Roots Travel app and other social media channels.


We are humbled to know about your interest to feature on our instagram channel. Here are the details for the content that we accept.

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Yearly Calendar

A local annual festival or event popular among the locals cherished by travellers.

Culture and Folklore

A traditional or cultural story, myth or tale that you witnessed or heard from the locals.

Great Eats

Historical/traditional, unpopular, or your favourite dish. Short crisp snippets of local ingredients, the flavours, health benefits, the cultural significance. Intro Video

Historical/Natural sights

A unique/beautiful landscape, a hidden spot, your favourite view with your associated memory.

For Youtube “Today I Choose Life”

Any beautiful video from your trip that captures the scenery with text (~100 words) describing “What life was for you at that moment?”. We would edit this video and will give you due credits. Check this for more info...

We would need a photo and a small snippet (40-50 words) that describes your memory from any of the above categories.

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