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At RootsTravel.app, we create bite-sized travel guides to connect with different aspects of local life: history, culture, culinary, nature and social. We have best in class designers, technology team, production editors, publicists and literary associates.
RootsTravel.app uses the best in technology to give an experential travelling experience to a modern day tourist. Travelers can buy memberships for travel guides built for cities, regions, interests and even countries.
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First ever tech-driven digital publishing house with creative capabilities in the travel domain

Team of travel enthusiasts, illustrators, data-scientists, coders, literary associates and publicists.


Great ROI

Our team of production editors, works with you on structuring, editing and polishing of your travel memories that get published as an authentic travel guide.


Best in class User experience

Customer rating 4.5+. World class destination discovery travel app.


Best in class Tech systems

Tech enabled platform for data provisioning & seamless centre publishing management.

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