The Hippiedom of Travellers

Since Oct, 2017

Building something bigger than ourselves. Dude, it was so cool back in the 60s, the heyday of hippiedom. Hitchhiking solo across continents, the love for different cultures, mind-altering excursions, and the free travel! Being a hippie was far out. Cut to the 21st century [sound of a needle scratching across a record]. "You want to travel like a Hippie?" OK, you're no square, so let's see if Roots can help, 'cause that's our bag!
The Modern Day Travellers
These are the millions of travellers who travel each year in desire to explore and travel freely in the unknown lands and seas.
They all face multiple problems ranging from being fooled by local guides with incomplete information to wasting life in finding the best nearby experiences to live by.
Roots Travel App
Roots for Gokarna was our first attempt to encourage millions of modern day travellers to travel like a freebird by simplifying and clearing out the clutter of information in the unknown nearby.

Are your eyes rolling now?

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